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All major brand routers like TPlink use “” as default access point or gateway. These firms set up router admin access in this address to allow professional router administrators to configure their routers and networks. Administrators can use this IP
to do majority of things like setting up new connection to change SSID name. Many telecom operators also use this IP to set router admin access for their broadband connections.

How to use this IP?

Accessing this IP will allow you to change your router settings and configurations. To explain how this will IP will be used we can take example of Etisalat router.

  1. Connect to the router network using either Lan cable or wifi.
  2. Click here or simply enter in browser address bar.
  3. Once done you will be redirected to default admin page.
  4. Etisalat Default Router Page
  5. Enter default user id and password – for most of routers its user id is “admin” and password is “admin”. For list of default passwords Click here
  6. Once done you can see default landing page as below
Etisalat Home Page

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