Screen Recorder – How to record screen in windows 10

By | October 12, 2017

Screen Recorder – How to record screen in windows 10 for free

We always feel there is need to record my laptop screen and share same with someone like tech support person, friends for sharing game video, upload on youtube to show your game achievement. But main question is how
we can do that and that too for free? Answer is right there in your windows 10, hidden inside a gem of feature, which allows you to record screen in most easy and convenient manner.

Step by Step guide for using windows as screen recorder

  1. Open any app or program in windows. Why this is needed can be explained best by people at microsoft, but this is needed.
  2. Press Windows+ALT+R
  3. It will ask for confirmation. Click on check box “Yes its Game”. This is to be done only first time.
  4. Done. Your recording of screen has started.
  5. To finish recording press on “Square” symbol.
We have prepared video also for all steps:

Direct youtube link is here : How to record screen in windows 10

Other videos

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