Find Your Gateway IP on Windows

By | November 10, 2017
Most of you may have come across a question where a tech assistant would have asked you “What’s your Gateway IP?”. Don’t fret if you don’t know about same, we will help you in finding your gateway IP on windows. Finding your Gateway IP is very easy on Windows OS and is normally your router’s IP address. You can search Gateway IP on windows using more than one way. You may use a graphical way to find the address as well as the ipconfig(using default gateway) command in a command prompt window.

Find your Gateway IP on Windows using command prompt

Start a command prompt (Start > Search Box  > cmd) and type in ipconfig to find the default gateway. On Windows 10, output will resemble something like below: ipconfig default gateway

In case the computer is using Wi-Fi, you need to consider ‘Wireless Network Connection’ instead of ‘Local Area Connection’. On Windows 8 and above, a wireless connection is termed ‘Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi’, while a wired connection is called ‘Ethernet adapter Ethernet’. For most of generic scenarios only one among “Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi” or “Ethernet adapter Ethernet” will have values, but in case you are using VPN then both can have values, but Default Gateway will have value in only primary connection.
In latest windows due to presence of so many network components, it may sometime get confusing for user to identify where to look for default gateway. To overcome this, you can search within ipconfig results using findstr command and see clearly default gateway. Below screenshot shows how to use findstr command on ipconfig command:
What is Gateway?

Command to be used: ipconfig | findstr /i Gateway

Find your Gateway IP on windows using GUI

If you are on Windows 10 or Widows 8.1, then you need to click on network symbol on your system tray and then click on “Network and Internet Settings” link. Next page will show full network details. You can view those details and find your Default Gateway IP and at same time can copy also. This is easiest way in which you can find your Default Gateway IP.

Find your Default Gateway in Windows

Find your Default Gateway in Windows

Find your Default Gateway in Windows

Find your Gateway IP on windows full video

We have created a small video on all the options available to find your default gateway on windows. You can watch this video directly on this link:

Troubleshooting Problems
If there is trouble in network connection, there are commands such as ping and tracert that help you identify problems. Ping lets you find if there is traffic loss and the time data packets are taking to reach destination. tracert command traces the route taken the packets to reach the destination.

For more information about these commands, you can refer to a document detailing troubleshooting Internet connection problems.

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